Thursday, June 16, 2011

Small town entertainment: Wishek 5K Walk Run

You've heard the statement before, "There's nothing to do in a small town."
We disagree. 

In Wishek, our community offers activities and events that engage our community and region. It is up to you on whether you want to participate or not but there is always something to do in Wishek. 

This time of year activities may include a local weekend quilt show, races at the fairgrounds, a local softball or baseball game, family night at the local swimming pool and picnics in the city park. By July, the local farmers market run by the FFA chapter will be open on Saturday mornings and the Tri-County Fair will be happening in mid-July. 

What is there to do this weekend in Wishek?
Our community will be busy with hundreds of Wishek High School alumni visiting for alumni weekend. 
Then on Saturday morning, many from the community and area will gather for...

Wishek's 2nd annual 5K Walk Run that kicks off at 9AM on Saturday morning on the east side of town along the main highway. Registration begins at 8:30AM.
Cost is only $15 and proceeds directly benefit the Wishek Park Board, which maintains our city park and swimming pool as well as our winter outdoor skating rink. 
 Last year we had a great first showing with numerous age groups represented.

 After Saturday's 5K Walk Run, you can enjoy the rest of your Saturday in Wishek around town or at Green Lake. Stay overnight and then attend the preschool fundraiser breakfast on Sunday morning at the Wishek Armory which will feature Wishek's famous local sausage, pancakes and eggs.

What's your favorite small town activity in the summer?

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